Revamping Cross-Border Payments: Change Coming Sooner Than You Think

Dave Sissens image
Dave Sissens, CEO,
|06 September, 2022

The roots of today's cross-border payments ecosystem date back centuries -- and change doesn't come easily. But in this conversation with OMFIF's editor Lewis McLellan, our CEO, Dave Sissens, explains why change is coming faster than you think.

Our CEO, Dave Sissens, sits down with the Digital Monetary Institute’s editor, Lewis McLellan, to discuss the possibilities for improving the quality of the infrastructure underpinning cross-border payments.

They talk about the role that’s platform can play in the future of the wholesale foreign exchange settlement ecosystem and how it can integrate with other payments systems, including CBDCs.

The conversation also covers payment-versus-payment (PvP) settlement, the removal of counterparty risk, the role of decentralisation and what the payments landscape will look like over the next 5 to 10 years.

This podcast was originally published by OMFIF. You can find it here.

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Dave Sissens


Dave’s entire career has been built around the elimination of settlement risk and optimisation of liquidity – first in a 23-year career at CLS, then in various advisory and fintech leadership roles.

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