We make liquidity visible

RTGS.global is the global network for cross-border liquidity. Through our 24/7/365 network, we uniquely authenticate and audit interbank real-time liquidity on a transaction by transaction basis. RTGS.global transforms multi-currency payment instructions, delivering instant transactional integrity, security, risk reduction and settlement finality.


Validated liquidity


End-to-end in seconds


Anytime, any day


Irrevocability for settlement finality


The international payment system has a historic design flaw

Real-time Liquidity is Invisible

Consequently issues arise:

  • Herstatt risk
  • Counterparty credit risk
  • Systemic liquidity risk
  • Inefficient deployment of capital
  • Lack of real-time processing
  • No customer service levels

And by implication, significant friction occurs

RTGS.global tracks financial friction


Financial friction in today's inefficient international payment system is costing $85,617 per second, affecting every country, government, business and consumer on the planet. Since January 1st 2020, that's a running cost of:


Simply making bank liquidity visible
and auditable in real-time

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